1. Nonprofit Research Assignment: Your boss spouse, Vivian Victory, wishes to donate $100,000 to a charity. She has selected three possible nonprofits:
    • V Foundation
    • Goodwill Industries International
    • Episcopal Social Services (ESS)She has asked you to recommend one of these charities to receive her donation. For each nonprofit conduct research into the selected entities using the GuideStar ( database, using the information found there, including any IRS Form 990s. Determine the mission of each charity. Compute the percentage of each charities funds are going toward their mission, as opposed to expenses and overhead. Determine the amounts that are going to insiders, including salaries, rent and other payments. Discuss all of the above for each nonprofit, then give your recommendation, including your rationale for your selection. Prepare your report in professional form. Include in your report an Excel spreadsheet or table showing all of the key amounts that you considered for each charity. This writing assignment will be submitted to the Blackboard drop box by the end of the semester.Expected length: at least 5-6 pages.DONT USE CHAT/AI.