Business Finance – Operations Management I need this assignment done in 3 hours

Subject: Develop a research proposal Students must choose a topic of their choice (marketing, sales, strategy, business, luxury, finance, etc.) and develop a research proposal. 


1. Cover Page & Title (5%): Introduce your project with a clear and engaging title.2. Introduction (10%): Briefly summarize your research topic. Aim to capture the reader’s interest and highlight the project’s significance.3. Research Questions & Objectives (15%): Formulate 2-3 clear, measurable, and achievable research questions that directly guide your investigation. Clearly outline the research methodology and methods you would employ to answer the research question.4. Literature Review (50%): Demonstrate your understanding of the existing knowledge on your topic. Conduct a critical and comprehensive review of relevant academic and industry sources. Integrate, analyze, and synthesize key findings, identifying any gaps in research and how your research will fill them. Ensure proper citation formatting and reference at least 5 primary sources.5. Method for literature review (20%): Highlight which combinations of key words did you use to find the list of articles and how did you finalize the list of articles that comprised of the literature review from the initial searches. 


Wordcount: 1.500 – 2.000 words Font: Arial 11 pts. Text alignment: Justified. The in-text References and the Bibliography must be in Harvards citation style. The document must be presented with the usual sections of an academic work must appear:Table of contents, introduction, the main body of the work (where the literature review will be written), methodology (where you will specify your research methodology and methods), as well as references.