Business Question

Team Case #2: Analyzing a Firm’s International Business Strategy

This case is a team assignment. Pick a publicly-traded U.S. firm that is doing business in other countries. Each team should choose a different business to evaluate.

Conduct a SWOT analysis, including a financial spreadsheet analysis showing trends for the last five years, and upload your team’s answers to the following discussion questions that pertain to your company. Be sure to provide the full explanation, rationale, and research references for your answers to these questions.

See the rubric below that I will use to grade this assignment.

Case Discussion Questions:

Discussion Question #1: What are your firm’s primary strengths and weaknesses? What are the key trends (opportunities/threats) in the environment affecting this industry? What do you think should be the top three strategic priorities for this firm moving forward?

Discussion Question #2: Which of the three strategic options for competing internationally is your company currently utilizing (multi-country, global, or hybrid)? How (through which method) did they establish a competitive presence abroad (exporting, foreign licensing, franchising, acquisitions, and/or strategic alliances)?

Discussion Question #3: What does the strategic group map of your firm’s industry look like? What decision factors did you use to construct it? Which strategic groups do you think are in the best positions to compete — here and abroad? The worst positions?

Discussion Question #4: What are the key international business risks facing your company today? What recommendations would you make for your company to improve its competitiveness in the global market, while mitigating any current and future risks?

Case Analysis Rubric