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Developing a strategic financial plan lays the foundation for public health education program budgeting, funding allocation, and funding usage reporting. A strong strategic plan begins with the organization’s mission and vision, and uses the strategic plan components to fulfill those directives. Strategic financial plans range from annual plans to larger 5- to 10-year plans, the latter usually seen in larger organizations.

For this assignment, imagine you, as director of public health education, are part of the strategic planning team for a rural public health department. Your goal is to complete the portion of an annual financial strategic plan targeting public health education programming. You will create a 1-page detailed infographic to present your part of the annual strategic financial plan.

Step 1. Write
Write a mission statement as a foundation for your part of the strategic plan. Consider common health education needs of rural citizens and the education needs of organizations supporting them.

Step 2. Develop
Develop your part of the strategic financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year using your mission statement as a guide. The plan should include, at a minimum:

  • projected programming,
  • projected funding needs,
  • projected funding sources, and
  • projected timelines.

Step 3. Organize
To begin planning the layout of your infographic, organize your strategic plan into categories of programming, funding, and timelines. Consider how to present the information for each section in eye-catching, yet professional and informational ways.

Step 4. Create
Create a 1-page infographic depicting an overview of the educational branch of the strategic financial plan. Include your mission statement as a foundation of the plan. You may use your choice of infographic platforms, including those linked on the Learning Objects page. Include any references on an attached APA-formatted reference page.

Step 5. Submit
Submit your 1-page infographic of your part of the strategic financial plan as a PDF file and a separate APA-formatted reference page.