Business Scenarios and Case Problems 11-3 (page 229): Spotlight on Taco Bell – Implied Contract. Assignment is to prepare a written response to the following question: “Do these facts satisfy the requirements for an implied contract? Why or why not?”

11–3. Spotlight on Taco Bell—Implied Contract. Thomas Rinks and Joseph Shields developed Psycho Chihua-hua, a caricature of a Chihuahua dog with a “do-not-back-down” attitude. They promoted and marketed the character through their company, Wrench, L.L.C. Ed Alfaro and Rudy Pollak, representatives of Taco Bell Corp., learned of PsychoChihuahua and met with Rinks and Shields to talk about using the character as a Taco Bell “icon.” Wrench sent artwork, mer-chandise, and marketing ideas to Alfaro, who promoted the character within Taco Bell. Alfaro asked Wrench to propose terms for Taco Bell’s use of Psycho Chihuahua. Taco Bell did not accept Wrench’s terms, but Alfaro continued to promote the character within the company. Meanwhile, Taco Bell hired a new advertising agency,which proposed an advertising campaign involving a Chi-huahua. When Alfaro learned of this proposal, he sent the Psycho Chihuahua materials to the agency. Taco Bell made a Chihuahua the focus of its marketing but paid nothing to Wrench. Wrench filed a suit against Taco Bell in a federal court claiming that it had an implied contract with Taco Bell and that Taco Bell breached that contract. Do these facts sat-isfy the requirements for an implied contract? Why or why not? [Wrench, L.L.C. v. Taco Bell Corp., 256 F.3d 446 (6th Cir. 2001), cert. denied, 534 U.S. 1114, 122 S.Ct. 921, 151 L.Ed.2d 805 (2002)] (See Types ofContracts.)