case study 4

you will again be making a concept map covering sections 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.5. Remember to include prepositions and a paragraph explaining your thought process in creating your map. If you do not remember proper guidelines, please go back to the chapter 3 concept map assignment or one of the examples from previous chapters.

Chapter 10 material

Example attached


part 2

Please follow the formatting guidance listed in the template:

– Introduce the data you are working with

– Introduce the test you will be doing

– Insert the first test images scaled to fit the document

– Discuss your findings and introduce the next test

– Insert second test results scaled to fit the document

– Discuss the findings and any conclusions

Times new roman font and double spacing should be used. Dont put labels like task 1, task 2. Dont just post all your images and put a paragraph at the bottom.