case study human resources

  • Record your name, the date, and the company name you have chosen for your case study on the title page of your paper.
  • Answer the following questions for the case study you have chosen.(Global Braking) Read all aspects of your case study carefully. Please make sure you address each question thoroughly and clearly. Each question should be at least 2-3 paragraphs to illustrate your understanding. Review the grading rubric before writing your paper.1) Review the Workforce Description in the case study you have selected. Select a Customer Facing position in the Workforce Description (EXCLUDE SALES). If you had to perform a job analysis on this position, how would you do it? Be specific.2) What type of structure (Job-based, Skill-based, Competency-based, Blended) would best fit your organization and why?3) What job evaluation method would you use to determine your positions’ relative worth to develop the internal hierarchy, equity, and external competitiveness?Why?4) If you were to design a Competency-Based pay structure, what are the most important (core) competencies (select the top five) you would choose for your organization and why? What are the advantages of a competency-based pay system? What are the disadvantages? HRM307 Compensation & BenefitsCase Study 2Copyright Post University 2022, All Rights Reserved5) What are the factors that shape your organization’s external competitiveness to recruit and retain employees? Discuss your specific labor market factors (supply and demand), product market factors (competition and product demand), and the organization factors (industry, strategy, size, etc.). From this information and your organizations’ ability to pay, where would you position your organization’s overall competitive pay policy (lead, market, or lag) and why?6) If you were going to select jobs to include in a benchmark survey to ensure that your pay is competitive, which jobs would you choose and why (review Workforce Description)?7) In designing your internal pay structure, would you design pay ranges and grades, OR broadbands, and why?Requirements:
  • Submit a Word document in APA format (double spaced with references and
  • APA in text citations).

  • Maximum 6 pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference pages.
  • At least two resources.
  • Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before

    you write and again after you write