Case Study: PAUSE Method

For this Case Study assignment, you will be using your own personal conflict examples applying THE PAUSE approach. The PAUSE approach is not about ‘pausing’, be sure to use the model and instructions provided in the text. See the rubric for more guidance. Choose three past personal examples of conversations/conflicts.

Readings for this assignment are from our Course Textbook (pdf attached): The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution, by, Rosalie Puiman (2019), pp. 1-35 & pp. 139 – 156.

Detailed instructions for the process in this assignment are on Pg. 144, Puiman (2019).

1. Apply PAUSE to at least three Past Conversations/Conflicts to Practice. You will apply the PAUSE process to at least three past conversations/conflicts. After you complete the detailed step-by-step process for each, go back and reflect and share (minimum 200 words/maximum 400 words for each scenario) about any patterns or themes you noticed about each of the scenarios and more specifically. Consider what you have learned about your own conflict/EI styles, theories and methods of navigating conflict, etc., including connection with course resources and personal experienceshare also about what parts of the PAUSE approach you feel confident in and how you need practice.

Helpful attachments will be attached to assist with explanation.