You are hired by JLA Enterprise to conduct a Digital Media Investigation after it was discovered the Chief Financial Officer was embezzling money from the companys accounts. Your job is to review all digital media involved in the case to determine if a crime has been committed. Here are some things to consider when explaining what happened during the investigation:

  • Who was involved in the embezzlement?
  • How much money was taken?
  • How can you prove the individual took the money?
  • What programs were used to embezzle the money?
  • When did they start embezzling the money?
  • Were they working with anyone else?

Your submission should be about 3 pages (not including the title page and the references page) long in APA format with proper citations and references if you are using them.  The final product must follow acceptable originality criteria (no more than 15% max total, and 2% per individual source match are allowe