change control


The case study project you have been planning throughout the course is now underway.  Predictably, the project is not completely following the project plan.  In fact, two of the risks you identified in your business case assignment in course unit 1 appear to be occurring.  

Step 1: Choose any 2 of the 5 risks you identified in your business case assignment.  Both risks must have sufficient impact on the project that the projects scope a task, deliverable, requirement, or other output must be modified.

In other words, do not choose risks that dont require any changes to the project, and do not choose risks that can be addressed simply by changing the projects schedule or budget.  Your risk response must require a change to some portion of the projects scope.

Step 2: Based on lecture materials in the course thus far and the template provided on the next page, submit change control requests to modify project scope in order to respond to the risks you identified in step 1. 

Submit 2 change control request forms, one for each risk you selected in Step 1.  As with earlier deliverables, use a business writing style where applicable.  Also, as discussed in this weeks lecture materials, change requests should be easy to read quickly

Use the Change Control Request Form template to complete the assignment and submit to Blackboard.

Refer to the attached document for assignment details and grading rubric.