Chapter twenty-two

NOTE: Points will be deducted for the inclusion of outside references. The resources you need to complete assignments are to be found in the assigned course readings. REMEMBER, the use of ChatGPT, Bard, and other forms of AI to complete coursework is defined as a form of cheating (With the exception of the editor function in Word, which you are encouraged to utilize.).

Make sure you write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation count. Please proofread your work prior to submission.

Chapter twenty-six assignment:

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of sociology and culture by explaining why men are more likely than women to be involved in criminal activity.
  1. What are some techniques that the women used to remain out of the criminal environment? Was one technique more important than the others? If so, which one?
  1. Describe the three stages of quitting crime and give examples of each. Which stage would be the most difficult to overcome? Use a sociological argument to make your case.

Your submission should be a minimum of six well-developed each 120 words paragraphs.