CHDV 3000 Guest Lecture Report

After watching the guest lecture video. students are going to conduct a literature review on a specific topic area that was covered (e.g. child abuse or mandatory reporting). The report should have two sections:

Review of Relevant Research (80%)

  • A concise review of relevant high-quality research literature, including peer reviewed and grey literature as appropriate.
  • A critical review evaluates the substantive content of existing research. In addition to detailing the current state of knowledge about a problem/issue, it should point to areas overlooked or inadequately addressed by existing studies.

Research Questions (20%)

  • Formulate a clear statement of the research problem or issue. Drawing upon the literature review, indicate why this problem or issue is important. The problem may be theoretical/methodological and/or substantive (e.g. a particular health or health care) issue.
  • How to formulate a research question:

You are to write a 4-page literature review (double spaced). You are required to write in APA format, use a minimum of 4 peer reviewed articles to support your information.

NOTE: This paper does not require a title page, but you do need to include a reference page and in-text citations (standard margin and font size). Reference pages will not count towards the page limit. You will receive 0 if you plagiarize other scholars’ work and/or self-plagiarize.

Assignment #2 Power Point two sections

4. Organization’s Strengths & limitations

5. Social Imp