Christine Witt



Thu 2/9/2023 2:15 AM

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Hello Professor Nolan and classmates

Ever since I started this A Managerial Approach to Marketing I was very nervous . But I as I got through the first week of class I felt more confident as I learned about being a marketing manager. Marketing management they deal with lots of marketing objectives in a company. Marketing management. . has to make very important marketing decision they deal with headquarters deal with competitors deals product deals with manufacturing and production so there's a lot of things managers deal with. So marketing managers has a college degree and so managers don't have a college degree do a excellent job of managing a company. In units 1-4 we discuss how marketing managers are over different departments of a company such as the lastest technology target audience consumer behavior model and etc. In the intellipath lessons 1-4 I learned about things like marketing core consumer behavior marketing mix marketing segmentation Maslow's Hierarchy product life cycle CRM integration marketing communications and etc. . those some i can't name all of them. It help me think better about product and service

Comphensive individual project i has two businesses one is how to make batteries last longer than 15 years the other business is my passionate business it's service it helps to provide the first responders to  insist in clean-up of crime scene. I have the knowledge of the criminal justice system because I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and now I'm getting my MBA combining these two businesses together will a profitable income .  One business name is CMW BATTERY INC and other business name is CWITT CRIME SCENE CLEAN-UP SERVICE. Both businesses are very different one is research and develop anew batteries lasting longer than 15 years the other business provides a service in crime scene. My service is start up business and probably I'll have my clean-up goin by in two years. My clean-up business in demand because no one has the guts to clean-up blood and other stuff me it doesn't bother me all im the perfect person for this type of business.