Appendix A

Saint Mary’s University

Clinical Field and Seminar Log of Professional Experiences in the Field

The field log provides a concrete means for the student to:

· Account for professional activity in the field placement;

· Demonstrate professional development related to contracted learning experiences and the clinical-year competencies;

· Reflect on professional growth and development;

· Provide information that facilitates dialogue between the student and Field Supervisor;

· Document for the Field Supervisor, concerns, dilemmas and issues as they arise in the agency setting.

Students will complete bi-weekly logs using the format provided below. Logs are expected to be no more than 3 pages in length (double-spaced). Due dates are noted in the syllabus and on Engage. Every log submitted by the student should reflect a unique experience with the client system context and provide an example of professional development.

The reported activities account for cumulative total 300+ hours per semester.