Week 7 Discussion: Comparative Effectiveness Research

· Initial Posting: Due Saturday of Week 7 by 11:59 pm EST.

· Minimum of Two Peer Replies: Due Tuesday of Week 7 by 11:59 pm EST. 

Provide a response to  TWO of the questions below by Saturday, then provide a response to at least TWO of your peers by Tuesday: 

· Include the two questions that you selected to discuss at the top of your initial posting.

· What kinds of treatments will comparative effectiveness research compare?

· Should comparative effectiveness research include measures of cost?

· What are the concerns if comparative effectiveness findings are used to make coverage decisions?

· Will comparative effectiveness research save money for the health care system?

· What are the pros and cons of using clinical trials in comparative effectiveness research?

· What are the pros and cons of using medical claims data in comparative effectiveness research?

APA Requirements -Include Scholarly Evidence: Include at least TWO APA formatted references with correlating in-text citations. 

Please find below the content and items you need to read this week.

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Please find below the content you need to watch this week.

1. : (online slide show – 84 slides)