Informative Speech Outline Assignment:

Completion of Main Points I and II 

Now that you have completed your introduction, you will begin to create two main points to add onto your introduction from last week.


  • You must submit this as a file upload (Word doc or PDF) – no external links
  • Conversion to PDF is needed if you are using a MAC computer 
  • You cannot type within the textbox
  • You must include all revisions from previous work (Introduction)
  • Must include cited research

For Main Point I (one) and Main Point II (two) completion:

  • Every Roman numeral, alphabet letter and Arabic number is only one sentence in length
  • I must see  proper citations Only within the Arabic numbers (subpoints 1 & 2 only) in APA format
  • If you do not cite sources, you will receive a zero for plagiarism
  • If you copy and paste quotes without paraphrasing, you will receive severely reduced credit
  • Please paraphrase your research and cite in APA format
  • Apply all transitions as shown in the outline worksheet