An important component of the communication process is the channel used to send the message. For example, you would not want to deliver lengthy and complicated technical instructions in a face-to-face conversation where the listener does not have the chance to take notes. Choosing the appropriate channel can have a strong impact on both the effectiveness of and response to your message. In this Discussion, you will consider the impact of a communication channel on a message. 


Post an evaluation of the impact of communication channels on effective messaging. In your evaluation, do the following:

  • Briefly describe the communication, including the primary message and your role in the communication.
  • Explain the channel chosen for the communication and why this channel was selected. If the reason is unknown, provide your best assumption for why it was selected.
  • Analyze whether this choice of channel was effective and appropriate, supporting your analysis with this weeks Learning Resources.
  • Assess what you would do (or recommend be done) differently in the future regarding channel choice and noise elimination in similar situations.