Communications Question

I want to make a ppt with the content in red in the “STC 444 outline” file and the content in yellow in the file are some websites for you to find the analysis charts and images to explain or describe what you write. The “1” and “2” images are the examples of the analysis charts or images.

The “STC 444 Ford” is an example of the ppt. The most important thing is to find a big amount of analysis charts or images like the two examples i give to you. In my ppt, you do not need to use a lot of words to make a brief summary.

I also need the presentation script for each page. It is better to use some simple words so it is more convinient for me to present.

The previous sections in the last file “Tesla vs Hyundai” are what my team members write for your reference and what i need to write is the fifth part “Sentiment Analysis”. You can open a new ppt file to write and send to me.

Thank you very much!