Complete Analysis on competitors


I need a 6-8 lines paragraph analysis for each one of these companies as a competitors to my business Nasser Snow Removal. I have attached a file to give you information and details about Nasser Snow Removal. Complete short analysis for 1. J.R. Lawn & snow in Ottawa Ontario and an analysis for Precision Snow Removal located in Ottawa Ontario. I have attached an image as an example of how the final file should look like. After that, make a perceptual map of how Nasser Snow Removal and the other businesses position themselves. The file you submit will be checked with turnitin machine to see the use of AI or Plagiarism, please do not use any of that because it will be detected and your time will be wasted as I’ll refund it. Thank you, please ask for clarification. Quality work will get a tip 🙂

the links to the competitors businesses are: