Computer Science Simulated Ethnography Assignment

1.) 4 to 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman

2.) MLA or APA format


a. Choose a scholarly article that supports or may differ from your findings and explain why within your paper.


Ways to think about the SIMULATED-Ethnography paper

a. Intro.

i. Work, school, athletic team, religious (institution, gathering), OR friends. You will pick ONE of these aspects of your life. 

b. Body paragraph 1 and/or 2

i. Dress (what and why?)

c. Body paragraph 3 and/or 4

i. Attitude and/or tone (friends, teammates, or coworkers, etc.)

ii. Way of speaking

iii. Social standards

d. Body paragraph 5 and/or 6

i. Topics discussed

ii. Conversations (friends, teammates, coworkers, etc.)

1. This section will discuss your participant observation, any questionnaires you have done, etc.

e. Conclusion

i. Final summary of all the points of discussion (dress, attitude, tone, topics, discussions)

ii. Sphere of interest