Criminal Justice

Portfolio Assignment Fingerprints

Assignment Documents

You will use the attached fingerprint portfolio document and the to complete this assignment.

Instructions for this Assignment

For this assignment, respond to the following:

A burglary occurred in an area home while the homeowners were at work. You have been called in as a fingerprint expert to try to find all latent, patent and plastic fingerprints, as well as to analyze any fingerprints that you find. You will also be preparing your testimony as an expert witness on fingerprinting. Complete the following fingerprint report as part of the case file and court preparation. You may if needed:

Use the attached Microsoft Word document to complete this assignment. Refer to the documents below, using them to help you complete the assignment. Fill in ALL answers on the space provided on this worksheet. Once youve completed the assignment, upload it into the assignment dropbox. 

Submission Format

You will use the document below to fill in your responses. 

Use the following format when naming your file: your First Initial and Last Name with the Assignment Name.

Example:  JDoeModule1Assignment.docx

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This assignment is worth 100 points.

Due Date

Your submission is due by 11:59 pm on April 20.