One of the main causes of wrongful convictions is eyewitness misidentifications. Investigators follow specific guidelines when they are conducting their investigation. However, this does not eliminate human error. Research a case where an eyewitness’ identification led to a suspect(s) wrongful conviction.  Describe the specifics of the case and the steps the defense team took to have them freed.


Focus papers should contain 1250 – 1500 words (not including the title page and reference page), one-inch margins, and composed using the Times New Roman 12-point format, double spaced. They must include a minimum of (5) scholarly references/sources and be written in APA 7th edition format.

Students must do one of each of the following methodologies for individual papers in the following order:

1. Research paper on a focused topic area

2. Case study on a single incident or event Focus papers should use the following outlines:

1. Research paper on a focused topic area

a. Introduction – what is the theory or thesis and what is the importance of this topic?

b. Review of the relevant literature of the topic (most relevant and recent).

c. Based upon the secondary research, what are the relevant issues and what is/are the logical, evidence-based conclusions you can draw?

d. Any recommendations for change?

2. Case study on a single incident or event – Select a specific case study and include:

1. Introduction – what is the paper about and what is the case important to review?

2. Relevant facts of the case.