1)Your introduction should be at least four sentences and include a thesis statement that introduces

all of the key points of the analysis. Please note that you should follow all APA writing rules within

your essay. This means avoid first (I, me) and second person (you), do not use contractions (didn’t,

wouldn’t), and use citations throughout. The last sentence of your introduction should be a thesis

statement. A thesis statement provides an overview of what the rest of your paper will discuss. Here

is an example: In the pages to follow the leadership of (name of the leader) will be further explored

including leadership theory approach, greatest achievement, challenges, power bases and behavior,

leadership style comparison and a personal reflection.

2)Ensure to identify the leader and the organization the leader is associated with. Discuss the length

of time the leader was associated with the organization (this type of information should be cited) and

provide examples. Make sure you cite from your academic research and keep in mind that each

sentence with information from a source should include a citation at the end. Include numerous

supporting citations to strengthen your claims.