Critical Portfolio Task – Transition Planning Case Study

The student will develop a Transition Plan for a student with multiple disabilities from a case study provided by the instructor. The plan will include a Transition statement, course of study, measurable goals that address IEP goals and post-secondary goals, and agencies (minimum of two) that address the Transition statement and post-secondary goals.

Critical Portfolio Task –  Rubric

Rubric Competencies


(1) The Transition Plan contains specific sections:

  • Demographic Information
  • Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Program Eligibility
  • Members of the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Team
  • Transition Assessment Data
  • Curriculum Decision Standard versus Modified
  • Parent Input
  • Student Input strengths, preferences and interests
  • IEP Goals:
    • Self-Determination
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Educational
  • Post-Secondary Goals
    • Career
    • Employment
    • Independent Living Skills
  • Agency (s) to be involved and justification.


(2) Transition statement is evident and it explicitly addresses the student’s interests and needs. The course of study is listed following the Transition statement.


(2) Transition assessment data clearly addresses student needs and aligned to post secondary and career goals.


(3) Student input is explicit and addresses strengths, preferences, and interests.


(4)  Parent input is explicit and addresses areas of strengths and concerns.


(5) IEP goals are measurable and are aligned to student behavioral and academic needs.


(6) Post Secondary goals are measurable and are aligned to student post secondary transition needs including academic, technical, and career education development. 


(7) Agency linkages are aligned to the post secondary needs of the student.


(8) Transition plan does not have grammar, spelling or typographical errors.