Defining the OS

Brief explanation of operating systems (OS) fundamentals and information systems architectures.

1. Explain the user's role in an OS.

2. Explain the differences between kernel applications of the OS and the applications installed by an organization or user.

3. Describe the embedded OS.

4. Describe how operating systems fit in the overall information systems architecture, of which cloud computing is an emerging, distributed computing network architecture.

Include a brief definition of operating systems and information systems in your SAR.

OS Vulnerabilities

1. Explain Windows vulnerabilities and Linux vulnerabilities.

2. Explain the Mac OS vulnerabilities, and vulnerabilities of mobile devices.

3. Explain the motives and methods for intrusion of MS and Linux operating systems.

4. Explain the types of security management technologies such as intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems.

5. Describe how and why different corporate and government systems are targets.

6. Describe different types of intrusions such as SQL PL/SQL, XML, and other injections