CTI 8: Injury Prevention

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The purpose of this critical thinkinginquiry is for you to locate and summarize a single, peer-reviewed,experimental research study on the topic of exercise-related injuries. NOTE: no reviews or meta-analyses will be accepted!


You will be using either the Library Research Guide in our Canvas site or Google Scholar for this assignment.

Criteria for Success

Submit the full pdf of the article (3 points)

Summarize the study (9 points). Describe what you learned (3 points). Follow the steps below:

Research on Exercise-related Injuries

StepOne: Find a peer-reviewed journal article related to exercise-relatedinjuries. Find an article that you find interesting. Please includeoriginal research articles only…no reviews of literature ormeta-analyses will be accepted. The article should be an actual researchstudy including the following sections: abstract, introduction,methods, results, and discussion/conclusion.

Step 2: Download and save the pdf of the full article to be submitted with your assignment. (3 points)

Step 3: In your own words, summarize the research (i.e. purpose, methods, and results). (6 points)

Purpose of the study:

Methods of the study:

Results of the study:

Step 4: Tell us one thing you learned from the study. (3 points)

Please submit using a word document.