Cultural Studies Question

Write a 4-6 page conflict analysis paper incorporating what has been covered in class in addition to supplemental research.

  1. Read this involving Jamie and Supervisor Smith.
  2. Analyze the conflict in the case study using three topics (ex: perspectives & metaphors, perceptions & attributions, experiencing emotions, power, goals & interests, etc.) covered in Unit 1 and Unit 2.
    1. Define and apply the relevant concepts and/or theories from the chosen three topics to analyze the conflict from both Jamie and Supervisor Smith’s perspectives. Explain how the concepts and/or theories are impacting the conflict from the two perspectives.
    2. When analyzing the case study, you do not need to quote specific lines from the case study although make it clear the points of the two perspective you are referring to.
    3. Make two recommendations, one to Supervisor Smith and one to Jamie, on how they may alter or adapt their communication behavior to work towards resolution.
    4. We covered a lot and you don’t need to touch on everything from the topics you have chosen. What I am looking for is you demonstrating that you can apply these concepts to break down and analyze a conflict. Be strategic in the ideas you choose to analyze the conflict.
  3. Incorporate assigned course readings as well as three additional sources that are not assigned course readings.
    1. Make sure the sources are credible and relevant.
  4. Include a title page and reference page, both of which do not count towards the 4-6 pages of written content.
    1. Utilize APA formatting, references, and in-text citations. You do not need an abstract.
    2. Double-space, 1-inch margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman or Calibri font.