cyber security

you will perform one of the most popular attacks on mobile called the Android Repackaging Attack. The details of the attack are provided in the attached document. You will leverage all the knowledge and skills we have learnt in the previous classes. 2. Please use the provided apks and code in the attached zip. Use the RepackagingLab.apk provided and dont download someone elses APK from the internet. 3. You will require two virtual machines for this exam i.e., SEEDAndroid (Android 7.1) and SEEDUbuntu16.04. The first VM is a virtual machine running Android operating system, and we need it to test our repackaging attack. The second VM is a Ubuntu Linux virtual machine; all the tools needed for this lab have already been installed on this Ubuntu VM. Both VMs and their user manuals can be downloaded from the SEED web site. 4. You need to submit a detailed lab report to describe what you have done, and you have observed, including screenshots and code snippets (if needed). You also need to provide explanations to the observations that are interesting or surprising.