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Deciding to monitor treatment and then committing to that decision, are the first hurdles that must be passed in the development and implementation of any type of monitoring process or program. This can be a difficult endeavor. Once passed, the clinician must make another difficult decision, that is, which variable(s) to monitor.

It is no simple matter to determine exactly what should be measured and monitored. In the end, the most important variables to monitor are those that are tied to the patients goals and objectives.

For this discussion, refer to Ch. 6 in your e-book.


1) Was the therapeutic process being monitored via psychological or mental health methods?

2) Did the client express difficulty in coping with his transition in a new life expectancy? Explain.

3) Did you sense improvement in his quality of life and well-being? How so?

4) Briefly explain how the clinician monitored the patient’s goals and objectives for this counseling session.