Your answer needs to be no less than 350 words. 

This discussion board topic is on the powers of the Texas Governor. While the Texas governor has more limited powers than 48 of the remaining state governors, that does not mean he is powerless. What powers does the Texas governor enjoy? Are these significant powers? Do his actions have an impact on Texans?  Lets see what you think!

The Questions:

1. Identify and define three powers of the Texas governor.  (Note:  Look them up but explain the concepts in your own words.  Do not just repeat the definition.)

2. Which one of the three powers you identified do you believe to be the most significant and why?

3. Identify a power of the governor that could impact your life and explain why.

4. After looking over the governor's powers and explain one area where you think the Governor is doing a good job and one area you'd like to see improvement.  (Do not say all initiatives are either all good or bad. I am looking for an objective evaluation and critical thinking.)

NOTE:  In answering your question, use the materials below and your own research as necessary to back up your opinion.