Instructions for Decision Matrix and Justification

Instructions: You will need to copy and paste your Business Case from Problem Set #1. This needs to be single spaced and only the Business Case; not the element essay.

On the next page you will find a Decision Matrix. You will complete this Decision Matrix based upon your selected project and Business Case from Problem Set #1. Do not just randomly select categories. You must think about your project thoroughly. Selections must make logical sense. For example, under Multidisciplinary, you would not mark “Four or more disciplines involved” and the select “2-3 people” under Staff Commitment. Ensure that this chart remains on a single page.

An important aspect of Project Management is deciding between two (2) or more options that can 1) all be good decisions or 2) may all be bad decisions but a decision must be made and that decision justified. After completing the Decision Matrix, you must justify each of your selections for all of the categories reflected in the Decision Matrix. For each of the Decision Matrix components you will state specifically why you made the selection you did in the Decision Matrix. These justifications need to provide specific evidence from the selected project to justify your selection. For example, under Resources, if you mark “little or no monies, supplies or change in resources” you would not just state “it requires few resources and is only $150,000”. You would need to explain why $150,000, in your opinion, is not a lot of money and why few supplies or resources are needed. Or if you marked “Requires significant resources and or additional FTEs (Full Time Equivalents) you will need to state why the project will use significant resources, why the funding is substantial and/or why more personnel will be needed. Thoroughly explain and justify your selections! This needs to be at least a full paragraph (minimum 50 words each) explaining your thought process behind the decisions you made!

Delete instructions prior to submitting. Project Title/Business Case should be on page 1. Decision Matrix should begin on page 2 and be formatted to be only one page.

Project Title:

Business Case (single spaced; do not include element essay):


☐ Little or no monies, supplies or change in resources

☐ Requires moderate resources

☐ Requires significant resources and/or additional FTEs


☐ One (1) discipline involved/impacted

☐ Two (2) – Three (3) disciplines involved/impacted

☐ Four (4) or more disciplines involved/impacted


☐ Little complexity

☐ Moderate complexity

☐ Very complex

Technology Involvement

☐ No technology changes

☐ IT consult needed

☐ IT resources assigned


☐ None needed

☐ Approval by immediate


☐ Executive-level approval

Potential Risk Level

☐ Minimal impact on


☐ Moderate impact on


☐ Significant impact on


Staff Commitment

☐ Involvement of

2 3 people for


☐ Small team needed

to generate solutions

☐ Requires large team of

multiple departments for


Communication & Education

☐ Simple communication

plan or unit-based education


☐ Moderate communication

plan; requires education

across departments

☐ Complex communication/

education plan with

various media


☐ Requires at least a one-time

follow-up check

☐ Improvement will be


☐ Baseline and ongoing

tracking of data

If majority of checks lie in this area:

Final Decision

☐ No charter needed

☐ Complete a mini or basic charter

☐ Complete a full project charter

Justification for Matrix Selections




Technology Involvement:


Potential Risk Levels:

Staff Commitment:

Communication & Education:


Final Decision: