DEFM200 Week 1 DQR

Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond to at least 2 other students. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words. This discussion submission serves as your official entry into the course and this is why we have drawn special attention to this assignment.

Darrick Mcclaskey

Good evening, everyone.

My name is Darrick McClaskey, I am currently an SGT in the US Army, I am stationed overseas in Naples, Italy. I am currently a 91B which is a wheeled vehicle mechanic, but in recent months I have decided to change my career field to logistics, I will be out in about a year, so I have decided to take my career to the next step by achieving an associate degree in supply chain management. I am currently about 15 credits away, I just finished MKTG and SCMG classes last week, so fortune enough to get a week break before hopping into two new classes. I hope to either live in San Diego (Due to family being there, my daughter was born here in Italy, so she hasn't gotten nearly as much family time as she deserves). The other location which seems like the best option would be Dallas Texas. My wife's name is Brooke, and my daughter's name is Maya, she just turned two recently, so we are entering the terrible twos, and they weren't lying, it's pretty terrible, but it's all love at the end of the day. What I hope to earn from this degree is more just of steppingstones, I am currently walking this path in hopes of landing a good job that will allow me to provide for me and my family, ensuring that they will never have to know the feeling of a struggle, if I'm able to prevent that, by any means I will. The relevance is very similar to my SCMG class as well, taking it seriously and giving this class my all, will be exciting, I am excited to begin, thank you!

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Calen Nido

Good morning class,

My name is Calen Nido I am 24 years old and currently stationed in Aviano AB

Italy as a Supply Tech. I support the Radar and the people who work on the radar.( I simply order parts and make sure the radar keeps spinning and making sure we have 100% accountability on our parts we have at base, or track them when they are shipped. Before I was stationed at Aviano I was at Cannon AFB where I supported the MQ-9's (Drones)I am 24 Years old and from Detroit, Michigan. Some of my hobbies are running ( I try to run a 5k 2-4 times a week) Playing call of duty, cooking, going for walks and of course traveling! (Paris is beautiful!)

I am currently going for my bachelors in Supply chain management and

currently am awaiting my presentation of my CCAF degree (associates) but with out great military technology I can not access the Air Force education site.

I am taking this course as it is the next step in my education plan towards my degree. I am somewhat familiar with contracting as my job sometimes has me work with contractors in order to get more information regarding a part or use the contractors for a job that needs to be done (such as transportation, ordering parts, etc.) The acquisition part is what I am not familiar with though and am eager to learn more about. I do know its is one company "buying" another out but there has to be more than that.

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