Deliverable Two: Organizational Values

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Assignment: Demonstrate: The role of values in organizational and leadership success: Organizational Values, Leadership and Relevance to Your Organization (The organization is HERMES)

  • Develop a 12-14 slide PPT that you will share with our class (exclusive of title slide, table of contents and reference slide) Upload to the class site in advance of the next class
  • 1.Values you would set forth for the organization you have been assigned (and provide a definition of how you define this value for the organization). These values should connect directly with specifics your organization is facing, trying to accomplish and be relevant to them now and cite in your presentation why they are relevant now!
  • 2.The rationale for those values given who they are and what you have surfaced they are facing
  • 3.The organizational outcomes that you think would be a result of those values and why they have merit for your organization and how this can support the leaders of the organization
  • 4.Potential challenges leaders might face from organizational members because of those values.
  • 5.Please include your comprehensive talking points on your slides in the notes section (use a PPT rather than a PDF) and come prepared to discuss this with your team. Cite in the PPT where you use your references and please have at least three substantive references that support your content
  • Make it bullet points and make another document with the transcript.


  • Did you do the assignment as requested? 20%
  • Research supporting the content and relevance to your organization RIGHT NOW! 40%
  • Depth of research and analysis 40%