design a development of a smart city

Smart Systems Analysis, design and development of Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes etc.

Task 1 Submission (4500 words)

You are required to choose a researchable topic, give an introduction of the topic, state the rationale/ need for the study and research objectives.

Task 2 Submission: (8-10 slides)

Pilot Report- You are expected to demonstrate your academic knowledge in the chosen area with an appropriate literature review and correct referencing.

note plagiarism should not exceed 10%

  • The presentation slides must be organized with a very little synthesis.
  • At least some of the relevant dimensions must be discussed.
  • Demonstrates few critical thinking and few analytical skills.
  • Demonstrates satisfactory ability to evaluate, even if you are unable to provide enough reasoning and evidence.
  • Demonstrates few decision-making skills, even without having any citations or references.
  • Demonstrates satisfactory level of confidence evident from adequate level of subject knowledge and preparation.
  • Demonstrates an ability to understand the questions only at the surface level, respond with some explanation, focus and reasoning.
  • Some confidence demonstrate through language, expression and body language seems artificial. Rarely keeps eye contact.
  • please follow the samples given in the attached files

    note: do the chapter one and two individual as the sample given

    do the power point in the sample given

    power point should be 8-10 slides + title and references