Design a Patient Survey



In this activity, you will be asked to analyze a local health organization (for example, a hospital, rehabilitation center, emergency medical center, or nursing home).

One of the ways you will analyze the organization’s value is through a patient survey. Your task is to select a health care organization and create a 10-question survey that would be sent out to patients. You will also include information on how the survey will be delivered.


For more information on how to create a patient survey and to see example questions, review . You may also want to review some of the videos from the LinkedIn Learning course, . There are specific chapters within the course on and .


Submit the following in a Word document:

  • Create an outline for your 10-question survey that includes each question and its response options.
  • Explain how the survey will be distributed and to whom it will be distributed.
  • Write professionally, using correct terminology, with no spelling or grammar errors.