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I have a finished task, I just need help in writing everything on my behalf, for example, "I decided to do this because I like that the light falls here and the children can see it well and it's bright" and everything is on my behalf, just correctly  apply a pronoun.  I will download also example.


Design Center


Using the right curriculum, tactics, and classroom setup is crucial to a successful teaching and learning process in kindergarten. To ensure the learning and development of children aged five, much thought should be put into how the classroom is set up and what activities are included in the curriculum. Consequently, it is challenging to develop a classroom management plan that considers the teacher's philosophy, personality, talents, teaching style, students' needs, and goals and priorities . A plan like this is still necessary for educators to stay organized and provide the best care for their young charges.

A classroom's layout can significantly affect students' ability to learn, and a well-planned space can increase participation, enthusiasm, and success in the classroom. Students are more likely to take an active interest in their studies when the classroom environment is one that they find pleasant and stimulating. Students' intrinsic drive is crucial to their academic achievement, and a classroom layout that encourages active participation, group projects, and individual study can do much to foster this . A well-designed classroom should also provide for children with various learning preferences and requirements. If students have the option to work in a variety of spaces, teachers can better meet the needs of diverse learning styles. A well-designed classroom also gives students a sense of security, which can favor their education. Ensure enough lighting, lockable cabinets, and well-designated exits to ensure a safe and secure classroom. Schools may ensure classrooms are conducive to student learning and achievement by taking things into account.

Creating a conducive school environment is essential for fostering the children's growth and enthusiasm. Because of this, the classroom is set up shown above is done so that children can work in different learning centers. Thirty learners can use the learning center at once. The children's learning and exploration are supported by separating tasks into distinct areas that are designed for creative work, engaging in a predictive play, having a library and resource center and also entertainment sections that keeps the student active and productive in the classroom .The children can freely walk throughout the classroom from center to center, interacting with objects and things independently, in pairs, or in small groups as directed by the teacher. The area is clearly separated into learning centers, allowing for optimal organization of space and supplies for kid-friendly use.

The space has been labeled and organized into distinct areas that serve different purposes. Children will discover the first set of clothes racks and sink right by the door. You will find either the Science Center or the Sand and Water areas near the restrooms. The facility's layout prioritizes access to clean water and hygienic practices by placing essential amenities such as lockers and desks close to sinks. Tables with sand-holding buckets and tool chests are also available in this area. Student and instructor round tables are in the room's middle portion. Children can use the tables and easels here to create artwork in a designated "Creative Art Center." Shelving separates the Blocks Center from the rest of the room. You'll find anything from giant to small blocks here, along with people, animals, and vehicles of various shapes and sizes. The following hub is set up expressly for bookworms. Children can enjoy this area both alone and while the instructor reads aloud, as it is stocked with many books with large images .Afterward, a sizable area was set aside as a listening center and a place to play pretend. Carpets for kids to play on, toy storage, and a television set are all provided in this room. There's even room to fit in some extra hardware, like a PC.

In the process of setting up the classroom, great care is taken to ensure that the kids have plenty of space to roam around and that the room is well-lit. Many shelves line the walls without windows, giving the kids plenty of storage room. The formulated philosophy is reflected directly in the proposed layout of the room, as it ensures that all children will have access to the materials and resources they need to participate in activities that are interesting to them; these activities can then contribute to the growth of their experiences. In addition, the centers check to ensure that everything they plan to do is good for the kids' growth and development.

In conclusion, kindergartens need a classroom management strategy that considers the age and stage of their students. This plan is intended to actively lead students' daily activities to fulfill their needs directly while reflecting the teacher's priorities and aims. Therefore, the description of teaching philosophy created with references to the following theory is an essential part of an efficient plan. The plan also includes a description of the layout of the classroom, complete with a floor plan and an explanation of the thought process behind the chosen fixtures, furnishings, and technology.