Create a back of a napkin diagram that details how employees experience your organization throughout their journey.  Does anything stand out as a sore point where the experience is not aligned with what you want to achieve?   What do you recommend to bring this experience in line with the desired employee experience and brand?


A CMO of People designs the end-to-end employee experience.  After reading Chapter 3, respond to this question posed in our book: When you walk into a meeting room in your organization, what brand messages does it intentionally or unintentionally convey?  Are there any touchpoints where the employee experience prevents employees from doing their best work?  Could you improve these touchpoints and use them to show people what you are trying to accomplish in building an end-to-end experience?


What about COVID?  Let’s get in the habit of reading some of the training publications in our library.  Visit our library and under Research Guides, click on Human Resources Management.  Then click on Databases and Journals at the top. In the Business and Trade Magazines column, click on Training and Development. If you enter Wayfinding in the search bar, our article will pop up. Read Lizier's (2020) Wayfinding through Uncertainty: Metaphors and Workplace Learning. 

Lizier (2020) poses an interesting question given the impact of COVID-19 in 2020: “Sometimes people will need specific skill development but that shouldn’t be our default. We need to ask ourselves not just what content needs to be delivered and how to best deliver it, but what do learners need to find their way in a sea of uncertainty starting from where they are right now”.  What do your learners need to better find their way during uncertainty? 

Also, under Research Guides – Human Resource Management, select People & Strategy.  Go to Summer2020 and read the case study Creating Whole-Company Resilience Through Emotional Health and Well-Being.   What do Bubb and Daly (2020) offer to your understanding of the role HR as well as learning and development can play in building resilience?