discussion 2

There are two parts to this discussion, with two due dates. Make sure to read this entire page before beginning.

Part 1: Due Wednesday, March 27, 11:55 pm

1. Read these two blog posts on the Library of Congress website to learn some background information about the San Francisco Earthquake and Fires of 1906

2. Read this article about A.P. Giannini

3. Post a response to the following writing prompt. Your entire written response for Part 1 must be submitted as a single post.

-Provide a 1 paragraph summary of what you learned about the 1906 event.

-Provide a 2-3 paragraph explanation of why A.P. Giannini is a significant figure in California history. You should include how he connects to the 1906 San Francisco fire/earthquake event, and to the development of banking practices. Some have credited Giannini with “democratizing banking”. Why do you think that this has been said about him?