Part 1 of this Discussion involves three steps listed below. Combine your responses to all three steps and submit a single post for Part 1.

1) Watch this 16 minute video : You will learn about the Civilian Conservation Corps as a national program, which was part of FDR’s New Deal. As you watch this video, write a 1-2 paragraph summary. Your summary should include the years that the CCC was in place and the two main national issues that the CCC was aiming to improve upon. And you should include at least a couple of the main activities of those enrolled in the CCC.

2) Go to this website: Read the “Welcome to the CCC” Letter from FDR. Write a one paragraph summary, and include examples of the language from the letter that is communicating the intended value of this program.

3) Go to this website: Here you will see a list of CCC created features in California State Parks. Choose one, google image search it, and post the name of the project, a photo of it, and the website from which you pulled the image.