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Donald  Super’s Theory of Life-Span and Life-Space offers perspective on how we  develop passions and careers in the context of the many roles that we  play throughout life.  As you think about roles you play in your life,  the reasons that bring you to the discipline of psychology, and the  career goals that are important to you, please reflect and answer the  following questions.  

Do you believe that it is a challenge to achieve  work and life balance?  Can the roles conflict?  What do you think  might be good strategies for achieving this balance?  Explain your  answer.

What  might lead to professional “burnout” (e.g., losing motivation, building  resentment, feeling overwhelmed, etc.) in a field like Psychology?

Do you think it is possible to use the insights learned through psychological training in our personal lives?  In what ways?

What  do you think might be the consequences of playing counselor to the  people in our real lives, or “bringing work home” with us?  Or  conversely, bringing home issues to work with us?

Your response should be between 500-750 words.