Create a discussion post in which you assume the position of a project team member who is ready to implement a new  ( https://www.beckmancoulter.com/en/products/chemistry)(example of a product in the link) that will interface with the hospital EMR.  

Discuss what kinds of information you would want to know from the vendor.  Then apply data management concepts and reflect on the importance of standardization of that data.

Criteria for Success:  5 Points Possible

· 2 points for posting your discussion by the due date.

· 1 point for detailing the information that you would want to know from the vendor.

· 1 point for applying one of the data management concepts you learned this week to the information you would gather from the vendor

· 1 point for reflecting on the importance of data standardization and the impact that can have on the interface between the analyzer and the EHR