Discussion & Response

This discussion is 100% based on the content and material posted in D2L Content. 

Your Minimum Post: 9-10 paragraphs with a minimum of 150 words per paragraph – it is OK to write more)

2 Responses to Students: 250 words per each response – total of 500 words minimum. 

Post your work directly in this Discussion.

You have to respond to both topics and to all prompts. 

Topic 1: Attraction 

1. Find 2 empirical studies (empirical means based on research and data collection) about physical attraction. Go to Google Scholar to do your search or go to PCC Library – Database – PsychInfo – and enter your keywords into Search. 

2. Summarize the findings and provide citations.

3.  Are looks important to you.

4.  What is your opinion on the biological/evolutionary predisposition for attraction? 

5. Provide your thoughts and arguments in support AND  against the statement that “Attraction is one of the most unspoken forms of discrimination.” 


Topic 2: Sexuality

1. Provide at least 3 facts that you learned from the Evolutionary Psychology about male and female differences in mating and courtship. Indicate what you agree/disagree with and why. Relate the information to your personal life when appropriate.

2. We proposed in class that sexuality is complicated and that perceptions of sexual behaviors and practices depend on historic time and specific cultures. Please elaborate on changes in attitudes towards sexual practices from prehistoric (hunter and gatherers) societies to agricultural societies.

3. What was the reason for rise of control over female sexuality? We watched this clip in class; you can review again to better answer question 2 and 3  

4. Do you agree or disagree with this historic/anthropological account given by Dr. Christopher Ryan? (see the clip above)

5. Do you think that currently (with all the technological advancements e.g. DNA testing, birth control) we are going through another shift in attitude towards sexuality? Are we coming back to what sex originally meant for humans, claiming its “social function” and rejecting culturally induced restrictions? Can current research findings on fluidity of sexuality be an indication of this change? We watched this clip on sexual fluidity in class .


https://youtu.be/m2rTHDOuUBw (only 9:08-28:58)