Discussion Week 4

Week 4: Epidemiology & Disaster Management

Part I Epidemiology Discussion:

Find a general news article that pertains to public health either nationally, state, or locally. It is important that your information is not older than approximately 14-30 days and was published in the general mainstream news media, newspapers, general circulation magazines, and website news (not professional literature).

There are enough public health issues in the news so no credit will be given for duplicate articles within groups. Thus, if you know which article you will use, it’s okay to post that information in your group’s discussion prior to your initial post.

1. Attach a link to the original source or copy (control c) and paste it (control v) into the D2L discussion.

2. Describe the issue.

3. Using resources from week 1- identify the role of public health in addressing the issue. Cite sources.

4. Using resources from this week, how will the tools of epidemiology assist in identifying ways to intervene in this problem? Cite sources.

5. Identify and describe one Public Health Intervention (hint 17 wedges pick something other than health education/teaching) that could be used as an action to address this issue.

Part 2 Disaster Management Discussion:

Using three of the topic resources, text, movie, online simulation, or PDF articles, complete the following questions and post to your discussion group. References to at least three separate resources must be cited in your answers and referenced at the end of your posting.

1. Identify and differentiate key strategies used by each WHO, CDC, and State Department of Health in managing a global crisis.

2. Describe the health and safety hazards of disasters and public health emergencies.

3. From your activities or experiences, briefly describe a few safety and infection control measures, including personal protective equipment, you have implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic and why they are essential for public health during a disaster.

4. Emergency preparedness brings up the rights of the individual versus the good of all (ethics/social justice). Identify and discuss an issue from the course resources that illustrate this conflict.

5. As nurses you will be on the front line in emergency preparedness. What are moral/ethical issues that arise for you personally/professionally? Why? Refer to course content.

6. Locate the website for the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Agency (national, state, or local community). Choose one useful topic link and share a summary with your group.