Respond to  two or more of your colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways: ( Respond to each Colleague 150 words)

· Ask a question about the organization your colleague identified as having a strong purpose-driven mission.

· Relate one or more examples of how your selected organization “lives out” its mission to the examples your colleague provided.

· Share an additional or alternate perspective on your colleague’s interpretation of their selected organization’s strategy.

Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made.

1st Colleague to Respond to:

Identify the Organization

The organization that I chose that has a purpose-driven mission is Adidas. It is second largest manufacturers of athletic shoes, apparel and sporting goods following Nike. They are committed to being the best sports company in the world. Adidas believes that their purpose is to change lives through sports. This guides how they run their company, work with their partners, create products, and engage with their consumers. 

Provide specific details that demonstrate how the organization “lives out” its mission.

When it comes to the planet, one of their goals is to stop pollution on beaches which is harmful to marine life and animals. Adidas is doing extremely well at using environmentally friendly products and resources. They take recovered plastic and make it into recycled, polyester yarn which they us to make clothes and shoes. With the help of their environmental partner, Adidas is making huge strides to move toward a more sustainable future (Morgan, 2020).  Where people are concerned, Adidas has a mission to make sport more equal for through racial equality. They have several programs such as:

(1) Breaking Barriers which advocates for women and girls to have an equitable playing field. Adidas has partnered with gender equity experts like Common Goal, Women Win, and Soccer Without Borders to develop Breaking Barriers Academy which provides modules and courses that are geared toward gender-equitable practices.

(2) Athlete Ally which creates a safe place for LGBTQIA+ to connect with sport. They have created a strategic plan to partner with student athletes on college campuses to educate them on equity. Their goal is to create spaces where all athletes are accepted and recognized for who they are and what they do (Adidas, n.d.).

Interpret what the organization’s strategy might be, based on its business practices and the statement of its mission.

I would say that based Adidas’ business practices and its mission, their strategy probably falls into the role of reshaping the value proposition because that has vowed to improve their products by using recycled plastic (Malknight, Buche & Dhanaraj, 2019).  



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2nd Colleague to Respond to:

Hartford Healthcare is comprehensive healthcare network providing all healthcare services from hospital level of care to outpatient and everything in between. This purpose driven mission is “To improve the health and healing of the people and communities we serve.” (HHC, 2023) Hartford Healthcare lives out this mission through a variety of ways. First, the organization is committed to expanding their clinical care services in a way that not only provides comprehensive care but also focuses on access. After all, having the healthcare service is one thing but if individuals aren’t able to access it then it isn’t helpful to the communities they serve. They grow these programs based on high standards, research, and data in order to ensure that individuals are receiving the best care in their local communities. Additionally, they’re focused on engaging with the community to better the lives of the people in the area in which the organization runs.  For example, they do this through food pharmacies, where doctors can write prescriptions for healthy meals.  Another example is through community based medical programs, where medical staff go out and provide healthcare services in the local community instead of waiting for the community members to come to us. 

Hartford Healthcare recognizes that they cannot be responsible for or perfect all aspects that go in to providing a comprehensive, mission-based service.  Therefore, part of their strategy is to align themselves via, focusing on the pieces that they’re not able to do well.  For example, leveraging technology companies to better connect individuals with their healthcare plans via online platforms or phone apps. They coordinate with companies that provide advances training to medical providers in order to ensure the best quality of care is being delivered to the patient. And they leverage assistance with care access, most recently aligning with an access center solely focused on fielding phone calls and scheduling patient appointments.


HHC. (2023).  Mission, vision, & values. Hartford HealthCare | CT. Retrieved January 24, 2023, from https://hartfordhealthcare.org/about-us/mission-vision-values#:~:text=To%20improve%20the%20health%20and,people%20and%20communities%20we%20serve