Argumentative Research Paper

12 Font -Times New Roman – Dbl

Plagiarism Report

Must have both viewpoints

Topic: Due to the number of school shootings, is virtual schooling safer than traditional brick and mortar schools?

Include Outline

Include Title, Introduction, Conclusion

Include: Works Cited

Analyze Nonfiction and Technical Sources

Include Quotations with Commentary

After deciding on a subject area, read several articles of information to figure out what might be a specific idea (topic) for your paper. Then, write two short summaries of ideas from the articles. It would be helpful to find one article that disagrees with or has a different view than the other article. Also, write enough source information so that you would be able to go back and find the information again.a. Topic: __________________________________________________________b. Summary 1: __________________________________________________________c. Source: __________________________________________________________d. Summary 2: __________________________________________________________e. Source: __________________________________________________________