Who Am I? Member of the quality team

Who am I working with on this project? A member of the HR

What am I creating with the member of HR? A PPT Presentation on A quality improvement strategy and training for the hospital that focuses on engaging staff in the promotion of D & I to result in improved patient satisfaction & employee satisfaction.

Where/Facility: Hospital

Audience: Healthcare Staff of the hospital

First Audience to Approve it before it goes to staff: Director of Quality


1. QI Goal + QI Objective = addressing of cultural competence in the hospital

2. 3 initiatives that support or meet the objective.

3. Choose one of the 3 initiatives and create your staff training.

a. Needs to be implemented within 30 days

b. Needs to include:

i. Analysis of the need for diversity & inclusion awareness

ii. Value of cultural competence in QI

iii. Relationship of patient satisfaction & employee satisfaction related to D & I

iv. A training activity related to cultural competence and QI

Choose 1 initiative (#3)

Training for the initiative that can happen within 30 days

Analysis of D & I

Value of Cultural competence in Qi

Relationship between patient and employee satisfaction related to cutlural comptentence and QI

Training Activity

Consists of

Consists of


Consists of

1 goal

1 objective

initiative #1

Initiative #2

Initiative #3