Homework. 1

Skimming and Scanning for Graduate Education

Graduate courses involve reading large amounts of text, articles, and book chapters. Two strategies for managing the reading load are to practice skimming and scanning.


This exercise asks you to skim this chapter—focus on pages 1-19, to learn about how educators discuss diverse emergent bilingual students.


Next you will scan the chapter—meaning, you are actively searching for two topics. The topics are:

A. 6 types of programs are identified and explained for educating EB students. Identify 2 of the program models that most interest you and that you think you might be able to observe this semester for your fieldwork;

B. One assessment tool, the SOLOM rubric, is included in this chapter. Scan the chapter, find the assessment tool and review it. Make several comments about how it might be useful to a teacher or other school professional who is assessing an emergent bilingual student.

You may download and answer the following questions in this document or copy and paste into a new document. Submit under assignment link #1


How would you summarize the advice given for instructing one of the model students in your own words (1 or 2 sentences). You may choose from Agnessa, Rahul or Luisa.

Scan the chapter and comment on the different types of educational programs for EB students (comment on 2 only). Then comment on the SOLOM rubric/Matrix.

Conclusion: What is your take-away from this chapter? Identify here one idea, assessment tool or strategy you will keep in mind as you move forward on your professional preparation pathway?

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