Imagine you are conducting a parent curriculum night. Create a digital presentation explaining how you promote student learning through differentiation strategies. In this presentation, explain how you meet the needs of all learning styles and ability levels. For your presentation, consider using Prezi, Voice Thread, Spark Adobe, or PowerPoint.

Describe how each of the following topics relates to effective planning to promote student learning:

  • Grouping for effective instruction
  • Instructional strategies for differentiation that address the variation of physical, social, moral, emotional, and cognitive development in all learners
  • A variety of strategies that cover the Continuum of Instructional Strategies in Chapter 5, Figure 5.1, of Burden and Byrd (2019, p.120)
  • Specific strategies for second language learners, gifted students, and students with disabilities
  • Strategies that involve student communication to enhance student learning
  • Strategies for the online learning environment
  • Other ideas that you might use or your host teacher uses

Cite any course readings and other resources according to APA style.