Education Group Major Assignment: Assessment and Intervention/Enrichment Case Study Analysis

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to conduct various assessments and analyze the results on a family with a typically or atypically developing child to assist you in learning best practices in the assessment process, how to interpret test data/results, write assessment reports, select appropriate curricula, and recommend and plan developmentally appropriate intervention or enrichment plans and learning activities for young children and their families. The groups will be selected after the add/drop course date.

Intervention/Enrichment Program: (In a powerpoint slide)

  • Discuss the family interview and assessment data with your group members to develop a targeted intervention/enrichment plan rooted in data.
  • Propose a possible Intervention/Program Plan for the family and the child based on developmentally appropriate and recommended practices.
  • Focus on goals based on the assessment data and writing outcome statements that can occur in the home and school settings (e.g., classroom instructional activities for differentiated instruction, home activities, curriculum, appropriate learning environment for the child, etc.).
  • Make sure to consider all the child’s developmental domains.