Education & Teaching Question

For each of the seven areas listed below, use this week’s resources to describe the critical issues related to each area in today’s classrooms, and describe three culturally responsive strategies for working with students. At least one of these strategies must include a technology resource that empowers learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities.

  • Students learning English
  • Gender differences
  • Children of adoption
  • Minnesota-based American Indian (focus on cultural context, world view, concepts that comprise American Indian government, history and language culture)
  • Influence of parental use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other chemicals on children
  • Race
  • Gifted students
  • What knowledge and skills will be needed to implement culturally responsive teaching and describe an instructional strategy that you would utilize.

Include in your analysis why it is important to know some of the history of inclusion of the group representing the topic you selected. How does knowing some of the history impact decisions you might make in your classroom? An understanding of students’ families, cultures, and communities is an important consideration when designing instruction. Include an explanation of how you will connect students’ experiences to future instruction. Use at least two resources for your paper.

This part should be 23 pages.